For their latest addition to their furniture range, the Moon Table, Broste Copenhagen has teamed up with the acknowledged Danish designer Maria Berntsen. The Copenhagen-based designer has had her own practice focusing on architecture and design since 1992.

The exclusive collaboration between Maria Berntsen and Broste Copenhagen is all about individuality and challenging new, modern design in a Nordic context. Based on a shared philosophy, they have developed and designed these magnificent pieces that invite you to participate in the design process by giving you the opportunity to change certain parts of the furniture according to your functional or visual preference.

The Moon table is designed with focus on stability, functionality, and character, which are clearly expressed through timeless design and quality materials. There are four characterful pieces: two table top designs; a wooden and a laminate option, a static frame, and a set of trestles. The trestles are based on the frame’s construction, ensuring the same level of stability via a convenient three-piece solution.

Combine the static frame with your preferred table top design to create a minimalist, stationary dinner table solution, or utilize the mobility provided by the trestles to quickly and conveniently set up some extra dinner seats or additional office workspace.

Introducing a dinner table came as a natural extension of Broste Copenhagen’s existing collections, and the table was designed to match their aesthetics as well as the height of their chairs.

Recommended retail prices as follows:

Trestles £ 217.50

Base £712.00

Wood top £1267.00

Laminate top £752.00


CH24_CH338_Oak Hans J. Wegner’s oval table series is the essence of his visionary design philosophy.        

Through the years, the table has played a key role in Danish furniture design, often being considered a central element in a room’s decor. Hans J. Wegner may be best known for his great love for chairs, but tables were also an important part of his visionary approach to design and his well-known minimalist expression. The Strand+Hvass design duo, whose tables, like Wegner’s, are also made by Carl Hansen & Son, follows the same approach.

The dining table in particular has always had a major impact on the way people spend time together. It is often around this table that we meet in the mornings or evenings. A unique gathering point in the home, its importance is often underestimated. Yet many of our most memorable experiences take place around the dining table – experiences that deserve the passion for craftsmanship that characterizes Carl Hansen & Son’s approach to design.

While today it is often the chairs that attract most attention, Carl Hansen & Son also offers a wide range of Hans J. Wegner and Strand+Hvass coffee tables andFolding_Extend_Oak_Detail dining tables. “The table is often overlooked as an element of home interior design and has not received the recognition that I think it deserves,” explains Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son. “For Hans J. Wegner, the table was an essential part of a room’s furnishings and function. Wegner focused on quality craftsmanship and paid tribute to natural and organic shapes and materials in his table designs. Wegner saw the table as being just as important an element in the home as his famous chairs.”

“It is a pleasure to see how contemporary designers such as Strand+Hvass approach the task of interpreting today’s dining table,” Hansen continues. “Like Wegner, they focus on creating designs with minimalist expression and interesting craftsmanship details and finishes.”

Easy table selection

For modern consumers, design that combines aesthetics and functionality is a major factor in home furnishings selection. Today’s consumers also value the opportunity to participate in the interior design process – and to find inspiration at any time of day or night. Carl Hansen & Son’s online table configurator makes it possible to quickly and easily explore the company’s extensive range of tables, which come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, to match any personal style and needs and to best complement the decor of a particular home, hotel or conference room.

Folding_Extend_OakWith its ingenious extension system, the Strand+Hvass Extend Table is the perfect gathering point for groups of all sizes.

Tables to dine at and gather around

Having designed over 500 different chairs – including the Wishbone Chair, Shell Chair and Wing Chair – Hans J. Wegner is renowned as the master of chair design. His passion, however, did not stop at seating, and he was equally enthusiastic about designing tables to match his chairs and vice versa. It was vitally important to Wegner that his table and chair designs were harmonious and fulfilled his strict quality and design requirements.

Wegner’s visionary approach to design is expressed in his elegant dining tables, which are based on classic geometric shapes. Featuring organic materials and shapes, the tables demonstrate Wegner’s unique talent for achieving harmony between form and function. Several of Wegner’s tables are the result of his experiments with combining solid wood and stainless steel, which adds a degree of lightness to the design. With their simultaneously simple and detailed designs, Wegner’s tables are well-suited to the current trend of juxtaposing soft and hard materials to create a modern look. Wegner also mastered the art of designing tables entirely of wood, creating a solid expression that is also appealing to the eye.

Carl Hansen & Son’s extensive product range includes furniture from the Strand+Hvass Danish design duo – the creators of the Straight and Extend tables. Straight is available with either a solid wood or laminate tabletop and solid wood legs. The tabletop rests on an aluminium frame, creating an almost floating appearance with strong links to light, bright Scandinavian style. Extend has a wooden tabletop and legs and is characterized by strong, simple lines. The table comes with built-in extension leaves that add room for up to four extra seats.

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