New bollard with award-winning simplicity


Louis Poulsen is launching a new bollard designed by Christian Flindt which demonstrates his great talent for seeing the potential in simple forms.

Yet Flindt also reminds us that the simple is not always so simple: the bollard’s minimalistic exterior hides its thought-out technical design, which optimises energy consumption, light distribution and ease of installation.

Development of the Flindt bollard began in 2011, flowing from the desire to create a new bollard for the park surrounding Brænderigården in Viborg, Denmark. The project was a joint initiative by designer Christian Flindt, Viborg municipality, Viborg Energiforsyning, Viborg Kunstmuseum, landscape architects and Louis Poulsen. The Flindt bollard has since been refined, including further optimised light distribution and energy consumption.

The result is so impressive that the Flindt bollard won the 2014 ELFORSK prize in June. Part of the explanation given was that ‘the jury was very impressed by the product’s thoughtful design in all areas – energy efficiency, light properties and a unique light experience, aesthetics and design, vandalism resistance, etc.’ (Danish Energy Association)

The Flindt bollard is fitted with two LED light sources (approx. 585 lumens) positioned at the top of the light aperture so as to emit both horizontal and vertical light. This placement and the light aperture design result in a lateral light distribution covering an angle of more than 180°. The fixture thereby illuminates itself, and contributes to the total light experience as a visual element.

Its extremely simple and functional design means the bollard can be used in almost any architectural context, and blends into natural settings in a peaceful and harmonic way. The organic light pattern, combined with its simple design, makes the bollard ideal for one-sided, zigzag and curved configurations. The facility to adjust the bollard +/-10° following installation ensures perfect light harmony between the fixtures.

flindt_prod_02             Flindt_prod_06

Prices range from £678 to £721.

Note to editors:

Flindt bollard facts

  • Design: Christian Flindt
  • Light concept: The fixture emits an asymmetric, soft, broad, downward-directed light cone. The light creates an organic pattern on the ground surrounding the bollard.
  • Finish: Aluminium colour with a structured surface, powder coating.
  • Materials: Top: Die-cast aluminium. Reflector: Die-cast aluminium. Post: Extruded aluminium. Foot panel: Die-cast aluminium.
  • Vandalism resistance class: IK 10.
  • Light source: 14W LED, 3000K or 4000K. Available with automatic night dimming.

Carl Hansen & Son Gears Up for Continued Export Growth – furniture manufacturer reports 4th year of consecutive growth


Carl Hansen & Son, manufacturer of Wegner’s world-famous Wishbone Chair, is enjoying continued growth.

Carl Hansen & Son has published its annual report announcing increasing revenues for the fourth consecutive year and a continued high level of investment. To meet constantly growing demand in all export markets, the company is investing in increased production capacity and creating new jobs in Denmark.

Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son, the world’s largest producer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, continues to enjoy success following several years of consistent revenue growth. In 2013, revenue increased by 17% and is historically high. The result is driven primarily by growing demand for the company’s Danish-designed furniture in all export markets, as well as by Carl Hansen & Son’s compelling legacy. Exports continue to account for 70% of sales.

Knud Erik Hansen, CEO of Carl Hansen & Son says: “It is fantastic to see demand soaring in attractive markets such as the US, China and Japan. The Nordic region and the UK are also reporting high growth rates. In all these markets, quality is paramount – and in addition to our strong position based on product quality, our brand also offers a unique story: namely, that our products are made by hand in Denmark. To further support and strengthen our brand, we have, for instance, invested resources in establishing a flagship store in Tokyo, and will open one in London later in the year.

The increasing demand for Carl Hansen & Son’s high-quality furniture has naturally stretched existing production capacity in Aarup on Funen, Denmark, requiring expansion of production facilities. To this end, in 2013, the company entered into an agreement to acquire an industrial plot of land in Aarup, and also took over new production premises in the nearby town of Gelsted this year. Carl Hansen & Son also acquired the cabinetmakers Snedkeriet Niels Roth in 2013 as part of its strategy of gathering iconic design classics under one roof. In 2013, these initiatives led to investments of DKK 26.3 million – a 56% increase relative to the previous year. At DKK 10.2 million, the pre-tax profit is on par with previous years, with a continued increase in equity. The results are described as satisfactory overall.

Carl Hansen & Son continues to experience the positive development and growth the company has enjoyed since the start of the financial crisis. Following the concurrent broadening of its product portfolio and capacity expansion, the company is geared to meet the expected demand of the coming years. Carl Hansen & Son expects growth of 20-25% in 2014, and profits that are 25-50% higher than in 2013. The substantial investments and other measures will also mean 40 to 50 new Danish jobs in connection with the establishment of new production facilities on Funen.

Knud Erik Hansen explains: “The investments are necessary for the company to meet increased demand, which we expect to continue in the coming years. So when the opportunity to purchase a 55,000-square-meter plot adjacent to our existing factory in Aarup arose, I had no second thoughts. However, we cannot begin production here in the short term, which is why in spring 2014 we acquired the former Velux factory in Gelsted on Funen, where production will begin in August prior to further expansion in January 2015. These measures will generate new local jobs – which aligns perfectly with our brand promise of Danish-made, high-quality furniture classics.

For further information, please contact:


Communication Manager

Pernille Ehlert Florentz

Tel.: +45 2159 8063

Email: [email protected]


Every piece of furniture produced by Carl Hansen & Son reflects over 100 years of furniture history with respect and passion for craftsmanship. Carl Hansen & Son is the world’s largest manufacturer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner, and our portfolio also includes designs by Mogens Koch, Kaare Klint, Ole Wanscher and others. Carl Hansen & Son has 210 employees. All its furniture is produced in Denmark and sold all over the world. Find out more at

Raw Diamonds by Us from Menu

MENU has introduced a new collaboration with Danish design-comet Design by Us. The result is a set of unique and exotic crockery. The first design in this new line is Raw Diamonds, a set consisting of thermo cup, espresso thermo cup, vase, plate and bowl – cool and truly original crockery for a great breakfast.

For the design Menu has teamed up with Design by Us – a Danish design company with an international reputation for original and outstanding interior design. Architect Rasmus Larsson is the Creative Director and founder of Design by Us, and he describes his inspiration for Raw Diamonds: “We wanted to create a totally new look for a classic set of crockery: vase, cups, platter and bowl – with a design DNA that would not be instantly readable.”

Raw Diamond is made of porcelain of the highest quality, fired at 1320 degrees Celsius, ensuring its strength, durability, and an easy to clean surface. The crockery is made with multiple facets and has a biscuit surface, contrasting the sparkling glaze on the inside. “We have struggled with the uncut element, which is emphasized by the biscuit. The element of surprise is to find the Asian flower motif in strong colors crawling up on the inside,” says Larsson, who has big expectations to Raw Diamonds.


Name: Raw Diamonds by Us

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Design by Us for MENU

Price: From £29.95