Is your Mum a floral kind of girl or more on the nutty side?  


Now is your chance to show you mum just how much you love and cherish her. Spoil her with breakfast in bed (and don’t forget to do the washing up afterwards), shower her with hugs and kisses and pick out her favourite chocolates as a token of your love.

Rococo Chocolates’ classic rose and violets creams always go down a treat; the pretty boxes come in two sizes. The fondant creams are hand dipped in delicious dark chocolate and topped with crystallised petals.

The smaller box with 12 chocolates retail at £17.95 the large one has 20 pieces and retail at £25.95

If you want to ring the changes, try the “Fiori & Cioccolato”- with the addition of lavender and geranium creams. This pretty oval box contains 8 of our favourite dark chocolate floral fondant creams: 2 of each flavour. Retails at £13.50

For those mums with really sophisticated taste there is a special limited edition Mother’s Day box of Rococo Couture Collection in the “must keep” box by de Gournay depicting de Gournay’s hand painted ‘Portobello’ Chinoiserie motif, filled with bamboo, flowering trees and ornate birds. Rendered in a custom Blue tone with metallic accents, the arresting design is just perfect with Rococo’s handmade, award winning, couture chocolates. Retails at £19.95

The Rose and Violet bars are £5.50 each

Or if your mum is more of a nutty person let her try Rococo’s latest addition to their nuts collection: Caramelised Hazelnuts and Macadamia nuts, rolled in cocoa powder., They are simply divine.

Mother’s Day is March 26. All products are available from Rococo shops and online.

The Flavours of Summer – Rococo Chocolates Summer Couture Collection

Fresh ganaches 20-05-2015 044               Fresh ganaches 20-05-2015 079Rococo Chocolates principal chocolatier Barry Johnson and his team have focused on fruits and flowers for their latest seasonal collection of Couture chocolates for summer. The flavours are light, bright and fresh, some enhanced with a touch of alcohol and spice, perfect for the warm summer days.

The four summer chocolates are:

  • Peach and Neroli – A yellow peach jelly layered with an orange blossom dark chocolate ganache.
  • Rhubarb and Custard – A white chocolate rhubarb ganache with star anise.
  • Passion Fruit and Mango Soft Caramel – Soft chewy caramel made with passion fruit and mango puree.
  • Mojito – Zesty lime jelly layered with a dark Caribbean rum ganache and a fresh mint white chocolate ganache.

To celebrate Open Garden Squares Weekend, Rococo’s talented chocolatiers have also created two limited edition floral chocolates, available throughout June only.

  • Gooseberry and Elderflower – White chocolate and elderflower ganache on top of a gooseberry jelly.
  • Pistachio and Rose – Pistachio praline with a white chocolate and rosewater ganache.

The new flavours will retail at £13.50 per 100g.

The chocolates will be available from June in the Rococo Chocolates shops and online at:

A Box Full of Winners

066Rococo Chocolates is launching a special box featuring their award-winning couture ganaches created by Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson. The box contains 11 delicious masterpieces, each a different flavour, all freshly made in Rococo’s London kitchens.

They are:

  • Grenadian & Islay Single Malt Ganache (AoC Gold 2011)
  • Madagascar House Truffle (AoC Gold 2013, ICA World Silver 2012)
  • Rose & Cocoa Nib (ICA World Silver 2012)
  • Orange, Mango & Passion Fruit (AoC Gold 2009)
  • Red Berry Madagascar (AoC Gold 2013)
  • Grenada Dark Ganache (AoC Gold 2011)
  • Kalamansi Lime Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Rose, Lychee & Raspberry (AoC Gold 2009)
  • Passion Fruit & Rosemary Caramel (ICA World Silver 2013, AoC Gold 2013)
  • Jivara Milk Chocolate Ganache (AoC Silver 2011)
  • Salted Chocolate Toffee, Hazelnut Praline (AoC Gold 2013)

These delicious chocolates are an ideal way to finish an evening of entertaining. And the box makes great hostess present – you are sure to be asked back soon.

The Award Box retails at £16.50

As the chocolates are freshly made they should be consumed within two weeks – not going to be too hard!

The box is available from the four Rococo shops, Belgravia, Chelsea, Marylebone and Chester. And now for the first time the couture chocolates are also available on-line.