Sitting Pretty


If you are after an innovative, modern and stylish design for your next chair Softline could well be your answer.  As a well as their iconic Hello chair they have a number of very unusual and striking designs, all of which are extremely comfortable and beautifully made.







Rio, with is quirky design by busk +hertzog , is a modern lounge chair. Its limber form is equally interesting from the front, the side and from behind. Perfect for placing centrally in a room or as part of a set.  RRP from £749.00


Angel, again design by busk & hertzog, is an almost iconic design. Two combined elements form the seat and back in a single dynamic movement and with its unique swivel foot it makes a strong style statement. RRP from £1295.00 



Cosy, by Matthias Demacker, is a lounge chair with a special twist. You can either use it as a low chair or modify it into a cosy wing chair with a high backrest by lifting the back to a higher position. RRP from £1295.00

All Softline furniture is available in various fabrics or you can provide your own.