Sofa Beds Boring – Not Anymore

Sofa beds have long been the “poor cousin”, clumsy and not very exciting.  But no longer, Softline has a great range of contemporary, stylish sofas which turn into comfortable beds. And they are available in beautiful, bright colours as well as more muted ones.

Softline furniture is adaptable and suitable for living room, bed room, and study. They will fit into any type of home be it contemporary, traditional or ultra modern.


CORD: small elegant and practical. With its compact form and “hidden” sofa bed function this sofa has it all – including 8 backrest positions. And if you are short on space the chair has the same sleeping functions. Retails at Sofa £1395 and chair £995.00.


 SLEEP: Functional Design Sofa which won Danish design competition. Use as sofa, single or double bed.  Retails from £995.00


 NEVADA: simplicity and functionality in one…Sit upright, chill out or sleep comfortably. Nevada is a versatile sofa system with multiple combinations.  Retails at £2495.00

COLORADO: (top picture): A multifunctional sofa with a sleek design. And a double bed. Retail at £1795.00


Silent Gliss Venetian Blinds give ultimate control


Venetian blinds give sleek style with ultimate control over light and glare; as the day goes on small adjustments enable  maximum  light   and    visibility.  Each     system     within    the   range     offers    different benefits:

The   Silent   Gliss   8300,   with   either   16mm   or   25mm   slats   in   a   choice   of 77   different   colours, is controlled with a single metal chain for raising/lowering of slats and tilting. A series of 8300 blinds can be fitted side by side with minimal light gap.

Systems   8100   and   8110   have   integrated   cord   control wands   with   brake   for   user   friendly,   precise opening   and   tilting.   System   8100   has   16mm   slats   and   can   be   positioned   within   narrow   frames because   of   its   small   headrail.   System   8110   has   either   16mm   or   25mm   slats.   Privacy   feature   is standard for the 25mm slats, allowing no direct light to penetrate when in the closed position. Both systems are available in 77 different colours.

Silent Gliss also offer a cord operated system 8900 with 25mm or 50mm slats in real wood or 50mm aluminium slats, suitable for larger applications. Our 8950 system is an electrically operated version, also available with real wood or aluminium slats.


The   Silent   Gliss   8500   is   motorised,   offering   quiet and   smooth   operation   at   your   fingertips.   Add   a remote for flexible control over the system. Available with 16mm and 25 mm slats.

Most of the 77 colours are available in the 16 and 25 mm slats. For the 50mm there is a choice of 30 wood   slats   and   5   aluminium   colours.   Many   of   these   venetian   blinds   systems   can   also   be fitted   to sloping windows (up to 15 degree incline from vertical) using guide wires.