The Colonial Chair – Wanscher’s Jewel

Ole Wanscher’s Colonial Chair is just as relevant today as when it was designed 63 years ago. Following his minimalistic and functional approach to furniture craftsmanship, Ole Wanscher created a classic with an enduring design and quality. The chair, which is produced by Carl Hansen & Son, is now considered to be one of the most sought after collector’s items in Danish design.

 In 1949, furniture designer and professor Ole Wanscher designed what turned out to be his most famous furniture piece – the Colonial Chair. The chair, which reveals the influence of his training under one of the other prominent furniture designers of the day, Kaare Klint, is indicative of his views on classic design. His preference for timeless, light design means that the chair is just as relevant today as it was 63 years ago.

CEO Knud Erik Hansen from Carl Hansen & Son comments: “Danish modernism is very popular at the moment, as it expresses a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and sustainability, and the minimalistic design is in tune with an age which is seeking a return to simplicity. Ole Wanscher’s Colonial Chair is a design classic that radiates an elegance and lightness which is very much in step with a modern lifestyle where ‘less is more’.”

The name ‘Colonial Chair’ results from Ole Wanscher’s fascination with furniture design in 18th-century Britain and the colonial era. Ole Wanscher’s aim for the Colonial Chair was to pay tribute to classic conservative trends while also fitting into modern homes. He was so successful that the Colonial Chair has become a highly sought-after collector’s item throughout the world.

Ole Wanscher had a preference for slender and refined expression when he designed furniture. This can be clearly seen in the design lines in the Colonial Chair, which despite its light and slender construction is an incredibly strong and durable chair with an excellent finish. The chair’s sophisticated armrest is slightly curved and ascends to an elegant apex before turning downwards – a well-known Ole Wanscher signature. The chair’s basic structure consists of a relatively simple slat framework, which lock into the joints.

The Colonial Chair is available in walnut, cherry, oak and mahogany, with either a lacquered, stained, soap or oil-treated finish, at a recommended retail price starting at £1,195, excluding VAT. The chair is also available with fabric or leather side cushions. The chair has a seat height of 46 cm, and is 85 cm high, 69 cm deep, and 65 cm wide.

The many variations allow the chair to be adapted to one’s individual taste. For example, try a lacquered cherry chair with dark brown leather side cushions for a strongly masculine expression.             


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