The team of chocolatiers, headed by Karen Waller, at Rococo Chocolates have pulled out all the stops to make you festive season the most tasty and fun ever. There are products to put on the table, the tree, (not to forget in the mouth) tasty treats for all the family and friends to share during this get-together holiday.

Piñata Snowman

A delightful, limited edition centerpiece for the festive table: a milk chocolate snowman, created by hand by Rococo’s team of chocolatiers. Smash the Snowman’s head like a traditional piñata, and it’s full of delicious Coconut praline snowballs!

min 650g £50 Available beginning December


Chocolate-covered Fruit or Nut Baubles

A moreish range of chocolate-covered fruits, nuts and coffee beans, filling a Christmas bauble to decorate your tree or just as a small gift: Award-winning Pistachios in Cardamom white chocolate or our best-selling caramelised macadamias and hazels, zingy freeze-dried fruits in white chocolate, dark chocolate organic  raisins, or Origin Coffee from London roaster Square Mile, covered in milk chocolate.

min 80g £7.95 Available beginning October.



Christmas Irresistible Collection

An all-natural sharing collection containing four different types of our moreish chocolate-covered fruit and nuts; Award-winning Pistachios in cardamom flavoured white chocolate and our best-selling caramelised macadamias and hazels, zingy freeze-dried fruits in white chocolate, and dark chocolate-smothered organic raisins.

min 250g £25 Available beginning October



Marshmallow Cube

The ever-popular, soft, handmade marshmallows in a special chocolatey Christmas incarnation – Hazelnut Praline, Chocolate, and Madagascan Vanilla Bean.

min 80g £7.95 Available beginning December


Couture Bauble Collection

A Christmas twist on some of Rococo’s most popular Couture flavours, that made their appearance as our Easter British birds’ eggs: Sticky Toffee Pudding Caramel, Macadamia nut praline, Salted pistachio praline, and Coconut praline.

Stick box min 100g 6 pieces, £13.50 Available mid-November



Every year Rococo’s team of chocolatiers lovingly hand-pipe a range of lollipops. This year we have the ever-popular Polar Bears and Gingerbread boys and girls, plus a Caramel chocolate Donkey and a Nutcracker.

£3.75 Available mid-November



Sour cherries covered in Montecristi Manabi (Ecuador) origin chocolate

Superbly tart cherries beautifully balanced with 70% dark chocolate.

150g. £8.95  Available mid-October.

Strawberry couverture Santa

This Santa is made with cocoa butter, fruit, sugar and a tiny amount of soya lecithin. It contains NO dairy or anything else. A fantastically fruity chocolatey treat!

30g £5.95



Seasonal Broken Chocolate

Rococo dark organic house blend, full of seasonally spiced dried fruit, and caramelised pecans and almonds, with a light dusting of maple sugar.

150g £8.95 available beginning of October.



And fans of Rococo’s hand painted figurines will be pleased to see these two favourites this Christmas


Large Nutcracker Prince                  Santa on Racing Blue Lambretta

300g £32.50                                        130g £28.50





So this is Christmas and what have we done…

Picture1Well the Rococo chocolatiers, spearheaded by Principal chocolatier Barry Johnson, have been extremely busy in the Rococo kitchen coming up with some fabulous festive creations. There are things for the table, tree, children and adults all crafted to make your Christmas special – and they also make perfect presents.

Couture Christmas Trees – pièce de résistance

These beautiful sculptures make wonderful centre pieces for the table and are great to share once the meal is over.

Dark Chocolate Couture Christmas Tree

Made from Rococo 65% cocoa dark chocolate organic house blend containing cocoa from their own farm in Grenada and studded with ginger pieces, pistachio nuts, cranberries, candied orange pieces and crunchy pearls.

Milk Chocolate Couture Christmas Tree

Made from the Rococo 40% cocoa milk chocolate organic house blend and studded with crystallised pecan nuts, vanilla fudge pieces and silver popping candy.

Available from Rococo stores only, min 350g, £45 each.

Baubles for the tree

In four beautiful designs created with coloured cocoa butter, each design is backed with a different type of chocolate and protected in an acrylic ball.

Gold Tree Design

Made with ValrhonaCaramelia 36% milk chocolate,

Pink Snowflake Design

Made with white chocolate,

Red Snowflake Design

Made with milk chocolate organic house blend 40% cocoa.

Sleigh Design

Made with dark chocolate organic house blend 65% cocoa

All baubles are decorated with a coloured cocoa butter transfer and packed in plastic balls.

They are available individually as well as in mixed box of 4 (one of each) or box of 4 with the same design. Individual baubles retail at £4.95 and boxes at £18.95.

Available from Rococo stores and online.

Lollipops – a favourite with the young at heart

Gingerbread Boy and Girl

Rococo 40% cocoa milk chocolate organic house blend with white chocolate piped decoration, flavoured with gingerbread spices (a blend of ginger, cinnamon, orange and nutmeg).


Caramelia 36% milk chocolate with red nose and white antlers. Caramelia is a Valrhona blend, made with dairy based caramel for a rich milk chocolate with vibrant hints of caramel.

Polar Bear

White chocolate with dark and milk chocolate decoration and a red Christmas hat.


Rococo 65% cocoa dark chocolate organic house blend with white chocolate and yellow piped decoration.

Min weight 20g, £3.50 each. All lollies are backed with a Christmas cocoa butter transfer.

Available in Rococo stores and online

Seasonal Broken Chocolate – the taste of Christmas

Slabs of organic dark chocolate containing 59% cocoa with crystallised ginger pieces and caramelised almonds spiced withginger, cinnamon and all spice.

Available in Rococo Stores and online. A 150g bag retails at £7.95.

Christmas Figurines – Father Christmas, we could not forget him!

Delightful Santas made with Rococo’s dark or milk chocolate house blend, covered with a thin layer of white chocolate which is hand-painted.

Santa in Shiny Blue Bugatti

Dark chocolate with a thin white chocolate hand painted layer. Min weight 200g, retails at £32.50

Colour Santa

Milk chocolate with a thin white chocolate hand painted later. Min weight 250g, retails at £29.95

Small Santa Collection

Plain milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate. Min weight 50g, retails at £5 each (these are not hand coloured)


Milk and white chocolate with painted dark chocolate hat and red scarf. Min weight 120g, retails at £15.95

Large Chubby Santa

Milk chocolate with a thin white chocolate hand painted layer. Min weight 3kg, retails at £125.

All available in store and online. All figurines are hollow.

Christmas Hampers -Rococo wicker hampers

For the enthusiastic Christmas shopper, treat someone to a selection of Rococo’s most favourite Christmas goodies packaged in a luxury Rococo wicker hamper.


Small Christmas Hamper

  • Cinamon Almonds
  • Drinking Chocolate bagGift Bag
  • Morello Cherry bar
  • Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Artisan Bar
  • Large gold coin
  • Seasonal Broken Chocolate


Large Christmas Hamper

  • Large Union Jack box Selection box
  • Cinnamon almonds
  • Seasonal broken chocolate
  • Turkish Delight ballotin
  • Mint Wafers
  • Morello Cherry Artisan Bar
  • Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh Artisan Bar
  • Drinking Chocolate Gift Bag
  • Christmas Tree lolly
  • Polar Bear Lolly

The Small Christmas Hamper retails at £45 and the Large Christmas Hamper retails at £100. Both are available in store and online.

Christmas Artisan Bars –

Rococo’s classic Christmas flavours have been given a new festive look. The Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh, Morello Cherry and Christmas Pudding bars are now presented in stunning new boxes featuring the three wise men, the bars are available individually at £4.95 each or as a boxed set retailing at £14.50. Each bar weighs 70g.

Available in store or online


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