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The 2013 Softline range features two new unusual designs in tables Circo and Monday. Both offer a versatile use and distinctive style.






Designed by Susanne Gronlund, the Circo table is an extremely useful piece of furniture; you can place it where you need it for putting things on or simply use it as a decorative element. Circo


The table is completely circular – hence the name. Its design gives it a unified and harmonious look which will fit with any décor be it modern or more traditional.    Circo retails at £169.00


Another practical design item from busk & hertzog, Monday is a versatile sofa/side table which can be used individually, but looks stunning in a combination of two or more.


The table’s design is simple, yet elegant, with a lovely springy leg frame on which thin “water lilies” /plates balance. Its unique construction makes it both an interesting piece of design and a practical piece of furniture. Monday retails at £159.00



Urban Bohemia


SOFTLINE’s 2013 collection takes its inspiration from Urban Bohemia.  Unique personalities need unique designs. The new, playful urban bohemian collection from SOFTLINE captures the growing need for self-expression and individual lifestyles.

The urban bohemian style mixes modern and contemporary furniture and unites ethnic traditions from around the world with original, modern designs. The colour palette – featuring rich, warm colours like burgundy and mocha blended with modern colours such as orange, pink and red – completes the collection.

Venice: designed by busk & hertzog


This is a really useful, fully padded lounge chair whose comfy and inviting design is perfect for the home and  great for public spaces. The armrest is integrated with the backrest and together with the oval seat, they make up a uniform design that suits both existing and new furniture depending on the fabric choices.  Retails from £695.00


Quadro: designed by Suzanne Gronlund


Quadro is a modern Scandinavian interpretation of a mix between the traditional Moroccan cushion and the Eastern tea tray table. It can be used as a soft, cosy stool to put your feet up on after a busy day at work, with the tray as a side/sofa table for coffee mugs, your iPad, book etc..

The tray functions both as a handy portable tray and as a table top. As a table top, its sides can be turned downwards so that it forms a visual whole with the soft base, which fits perfectly with the tray. Trays come in Black, white ash and Walnut. Pouf retails  from £199.00 tray retails at £165.00

Lazy: designed by Andreas Lund


The idea and ambition with Lazy was to design a sofa bed according to a new and simple principle. The ingenious result was a sofa on which the back of  flips in a single movement, thus becoming   part of the mattress/bed. With its light, vivid form and simple construction, Lazy looks both classic and modern. Lazy is available with wooden or metal legs. Retails from £995.00. LAZY_C





SOFTLINE’s Milo designed by Flemming Busk and Stephan Hertzog, busk + hertzog, has won The World’s Most Prestigious Global Awards for New Product Design and Graphics from The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design AND The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies.

The Milo is sophisticated timeless design at its best –a stylish easy-chair with a charismatic design. The timeless design makes is a perfect showpiece on its own, but combine a few and make them a central part of the décor.  There is also a stool to go with the chair, making it a perfect place to sit listening to music or reading a good book.

Dimensions in cm.

Chair:  l 76 D 98 H 85 SH 40

Stool: L76 D 52 H 42 SH 42

The chair retails at £895.00    and stool at £395.00

Milo chair and stool
Milo chair and stool


Sitting Pretty


If you are after an innovative, modern and stylish design for your next chair Softline could well be your answer.  As a well as their iconic Hello chair they have a number of very unusual and striking designs, all of which are extremely comfortable and beautifully made.







Rio, with is quirky design by busk +hertzog , is a modern lounge chair. Its limber form is equally interesting from the front, the side and from behind. Perfect for placing centrally in a room or as part of a set.  RRP from £749.00


Angel, again design by busk & hertzog, is an almost iconic design. Two combined elements form the seat and back in a single dynamic movement and with its unique swivel foot it makes a strong style statement. RRP from £1295.00 



Cosy, by Matthias Demacker, is a lounge chair with a special twist. You can either use it as a low chair or modify it into a cosy wing chair with a high backrest by lifting the back to a higher position. RRP from £1295.00

All Softline furniture is available in various fabrics or you can provide your own.