MEISSEN® increases its cooperation with young as well as established international artists.

MEISSEN announced the establishment of the MEISSEN ART CAMPUS. The goal of this new institution is to foster the cooperation with artists in the fields of painting, sculpture, and architecture. In this way, Europe’s oldest porcelain manufactory wants to spark new creativity and further strengthen its leading position in the field of fine art in porcelain. 

MEISSEN®’s CEO Christian Kurtzke explains his strategy: ‘We are going back to the ideas of Max Adolf Pfeiffer, MEISSEN’s general director at the beginning of the century, who in the 1920s cooperated with external artists and thus took MEISSEN to new heights of artistic achievement. What is important to me is that every artist really engages with our special material and with where we are, because every piece of MEISSEN® porcelain also contains a piece of the region.’

In order to facilitate this, Meissen makes studios, work materials, and competent craftsmen available to the visiting artists, so that they can realise their ideas. The length of stay can vary from a few days to up to a year. Artists are housed in hotels in the region.

MEISSEN® cooperates both with established renowned artists such as the German luminaries Karl O. Goetz and Otto Piene as well as with emerging young artists who have already attracted international attention with their work.

Last month, the Iranian painters Rokni und Ramin Haerizadeh were guests at MEISSEN ART CAMPUS

 to create new works on Meissen® porcelain. According to the art historian Karin Adrian von Roques, a specialist for contemporary Islamic art, and Edgar Quadt, publisher of the magazine Artinvestor, the works of these upcoming artists have already attracted a great deal of attention at exhibitions in the Middle East as well as the US and France.

‘My long-term vision is to develop MEISSEN® into a kind of “Mecca of contemporary art.” Many artists lobe the peace and calm as well as the beauty of our Elbe region, and they are deeply impressed and inspired by the craftsmanship and artistry of the 800 people working at the manufactory. The creative engagement between in-house and external artists will ensure freshness, provide new stimuli and an artistic revitalisation at MEISSEN®,’ says Christian Kurtzke about his goals.

Furthermore, close cooperation with leading international art schools is planned. MEISSEN® looks forward with great interest to receiving applications from interested art academies as well as directly from artists.

Some of the artist’s works on MEISSEN® porcelain.

Information and applications for interested artists  from: Daniela Lippert, MEISSEN ART CAMPUS

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