LW_kartoffelr+ªkkerne_0015     LW_kartoffelr+ªkkerne_0023 As with all lighting, there is good reason to carefully consider your choice of outdoor lamps. They have to withstand the ravages of weather, and fulfill a specific functional task, in terms of providing good illumination of the entrance. They are also your visitors’ first impression of the style and atmosphere you have set in the rest of the house.

Louis Poulsen has a number of great outdoor lights:

The PH 3-2 1/2 designed by Poul Henningsen is made from black lacquered steel and designed on the principle of a reflective three-shade system, which directs the majority of the light downwards. The shades have a matt painted interior surface diffusing the light in a comfortable way. It retails at £605.00.

The AJ Wall LED is designed by Arne Jacobsen and emits downward directed light. The shade is painted white on the inside to ensure a soft comfortable light. Made from Die Cast aluminium it retails at £649.00.

LW_kartoffelr+ªkkerne_0027      LW_suomisvej_3

Bag a Bargain

download_1_20120424_1650968469For a limited period, until end of February, is offering 30% off their Design Letter products.

Design Letters is a Danish Design Company which in only a few years has achieved great international success.

First in 2009 by launching a radically different type of wooden letters for wall decoration, and then in 2011 by introducing a design series with a typography hand drawn in 1937 by the world renowned Danish Architect Arne Jacobsen.

So grab a bargain from: 

Image 3 farsdag_1_20140604_2003263158

As Easy as 1 2 3 or A B C


These stylish design letters and numbers  in black typography designed by the renowned architect Arne Jacobsen have a multitude of uses both inside and outside the house.

download_1_20120424_1601837826Number your recycle bins, put your name on the letterbox you can even be artistic and use both!

If it has a surface you can stick a name or number on it. Even comes with its own glue.

The numbers and letters are 16 cm high and retail at £6.30stationery_

Also new are the handy hard back note books with letters, for example N for notes and  T for Thoughts and with a turquoise elastic band closure. Retails at £11.00

And the posts-it notes: to do or not to do from £17.00

White on White

White is synonymous with coolness and purity. But white is not just white. The colour displays an incredible diversity of nuances. The neutrality of the colour white affords a special opportunity to create new experiences of light and space.

PH Snowball


PH Snowball designed by Poul Henningsen creates an attractive lighting effect in the room through careful distribution of the light upward and downwards.

With its simple and elegant the lamp is like a sculpture which floats above the table.



AJ Royal


The AJ Royal pendant designed by Arne Jacobsen. The minimalist pendant with its refined ribbing system which directs heat away from the light source, while also emitting fine strips of light and discretely marks out the shape of the lamp in the room.




Custom Name LP_130712_ 25798


Aeros White designed by Ross Lovegrove recently launches in white adds a floating lightness and neutrality to the mystical three- dimensional design.


All the lamps are from


These new porcelain mugs from Nordic Elements, invite you to ask for it in writing!


These Design Letters Porcelain Cups are stylish and practical cups with the alphabet letters in black typography designed by the renowned architect Arne Jacobsen.  Perfect for a cuppa anytime of the day.





They retail at £12.50. Great for presents.


You can even use them for storage as black wooden lids to fit them are available, but sold separately.

020 7498 5757

Timeless Lamps


The term timeless is often used, but what does it mean? Something that lasts forever or something that does not belong to a specific era? 

Louis Poulsen lamps appear contemporary in all styles, cultures and architectural settings because they do not look for inspiration in trends but in their perception of lighting and aesthetics.  Nothing less.

ph 4 ½- 3 ½   retails at £1649.00  It has a  hand blown glass shade 

ph 3/2 black chrome  retails at  £639.00

AJ Floor Lamp   retails at £552.00  

Tolbod 155 glass pendant retails at £170.00    


Louis Poulsen Launches AJ 50 Wall – a design icon featuring a new lighting technology.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the launch of the AJ family, Louis Poulsen has developed an outdoor wall lamp that stays true to the design and lighting idea of Arne Jacobsen. On top of that, it is fitted with LED.

 For 50 years, Louis Poulsen has been marketing the AJ lamp, one of the design icons of Danish architect Arne Jacobsen. Its silhouette is instantly recognisable worldwide.

 The AJ family is characterised by simple geometry delivered in a compact design, where the shape relates directly to the light distribution. You can simply see how the light will distribute based on the design.

 As part of the anniversary year, Louis Poulsen has now developed an outdoor lamp based on the original  and providing the same lighting qualities as the rest of the AJ family, but this time using the highly topical and long-lasting LED light source. LED light sources light up immediately to full brightness, whereas most energy-saving light sources take a while to warm up. Besides, the LED light source is also ideal in areas with temperatures below freezing point as opposed to energy saving light sources where the light output drops at lower temperatures.   

 LED is widely considered to be the future of lighting. The light source offers excellent lighting, is relatively energy-friendly and not least long-lasting. 

 The AJ 50 Wall is fitted with 8W LED 3000 K.

 The AJ 50 Wall is made from flow-formed aluminium.

The design of the AJ 50 Wall will add an extra design element to contemporary architecture. Not only will the aesthetic design perfectly complement the architectural design, light distribution will also leave a functional and decorative effect on the building and adjacent areas.

 The surface is slightly textured, thus enabling it better to withstand challenging weather conditions and maintain its appearance. The wall lamp is powder coated and available in the colours grey, white or black. The white-painted inner shade reflects and diffuses comfortable lighting. The AJ 50 Wall creates glare-free and widespread downlight, providing decorative light on the wall.

 The AJ 50 Wall retails at £575.00.