Bottgersteinzeug was first developed in around 1707 by Johann Frederich Bottger, hence the name, this was before he had invented European hard porcelain. The material has a few characteristics reminiscent of precious stones, it was also known as jasper porcelain. Today because of its earthy reddish brown colour it is knows as chocolate porcelain at Meissen. It is produced in a special “manufactory with in the manufactory” the so-called red mint.

Because of the special hardness of the material it is perfect for exclusive floor designs – the material protects the floor well and over time a natural patina develops.

As well as floors it also makes for a spectacular wall covering and look stunning used with other Meissen tiles.


Retails from 5.74 Euros plus vat for a 75 x 75 mm tile.

Style Personified

Something as simple as luxury tiles can completely transform a bathroom into a place of tranquillity and beauty. Meissen’s architectural tiles are 100% waterproof, so ideally suited to bathrooms, wet rooms, spa’s and kitchens.

The Meissen range of architectural tiles comes in five categories:

Minimalism, Royally Opulent, Trends, Ornaments and Refinement, Textures and Romanticism, so there is plenty of scope to find just the right one for your personal style.

At present there are 40 different colours to choose from, more will be added later.  Meissen has the largest colour laboratory of any porcelain manufacturer in the world. On the back of the tiles is their famous logo, the crossed swords, scratched into the tiles so that they adhere to the walls easily.      

Note to Editors:

MEISSEN®, one of the internationally leading German luxury brands, reflects the art of luxury – ever since the establishment of the MEISSEN Manufactory in 1710.

MEISSEN’s luxury products are defined by their special material, their traditional craftsmanship, and an unusual aesthetics characterized by individuality, sensuality, and high value. MEISSEN today has over 800 employees and is represented in 30 countries around the globe with 300 specialised retail outlets as well as its own shops.