A chair which will fit anywhere in the home or office be it minimalist, classic or traditional.

Christian Skovhus, Managing Director of Icons of Denmark, explains: “The idea behind the About A Chair collection was to develop a chair with conspicuous simplicity. A chair which worked just as well around the dining table as around a conference table, in a canteen or at the office. The ambition of the designer Hee Willing was to reach a higher level in the combination of form, function, detail and aesthetics.” Hee Willing and Hay worked in close collaboration to create a family of chairs where all shells and frames can be combined without letting the perfection in each single model lose ground to diversity.

 Four models are available:

 AAC 20 which retails at £212.00 comes in black and white

AAC 21 which retails from £319.00 depending of upholstery chosen

AAC 22 which retails at £189.00 available in black and white

AAC 23 which retails from £296.00 depending on upholstery