The series is crafted from 100-year-old beech wood planted in Wegner’s birth year.

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A special edition of the world-famous Wishbone Chair is being released to mark Wegner’s 100th birthday.

Carl Hansen & Son’s celebration of Hans J. Wegner’s 100th birthday culminates with the launch of a special-edition Wishbone Chair. The commemorative chair is crafted from 100-year-old beechwood planted on the island of Funen, Denmark in 1914 – the year of Wegner’s birth.

He was one of Denmark’s greatest furniture designers. His furniture represents the best in Danish Design. He has inspired designers the world over. Hans J. Wegner would have turned 100 this year, and Carl Hansen & Son is marking the occasion with a special edition of his best-selling chair – the Wishbone Chair. Designed for Carl Hansen & Son in 1949, the Wishbone Chair was part of Wegner’s first collection for the furniture maker. The iconic piece was put into production the following year and has been continuously manufactured ever since.

 The special-edition Wishbone Chair is crafted from 100-year-old beechwood that was planted in 1914 – Wegner’s birth year – in the woods near the Brahetrolleborg Manor on Funen, Denmark. For generations, the forestry operations here have been conducted with respect for nature, allowing the estate and its surroundings to remain a unique natural gem. Today, Brahetrolleborg continues to stand for sustainable wood production of unsurpassed quality.

The special edition is a tribute to the master of chair design. Each chair comes with a unique origin label with a serial number, and a certificate authenticating that the series is manufactured from 100-year-old beechwood. Carl Hansen & Son’s CEO Knud Erik Hansen, who represents the third generation of the family-run company, says: “This series of chairs has been handled with great care throughout production. The timber has been isolated from all other wood and specifically labeled throughout all stages up through the chairs’ completion. The special production process has occasionally been challenging logistically, but everyone has been enthusiastic about this exciting project, making it an extremely fitting tribute to someone who loved natural wood, as Wegner did.”

He continues: “Beechwood is about as Danish as one can get. Poets have frequently used Danish beech trees to represent something beautiful, strong and quintessentially Danish. In Danish forests, it is often the beech trees that tower above all others. Their wood is harmonious, flexible and of such high quality that it has been extremely versatile over the centuries, and suited to almost any purpose. It is also interesting to contemplate that this 100-year-old wood has witnessed the same events as Wegner. If this wood could talk, it would recount a Danish history about a time of such changes as the world had never seen.”

The special-edition, 100-year-old beechwood Wishbone Chair is available in multiple variants and will be in stores in September. Recommended retail prices start at £411 excl. VAT.

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