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 Luxaflex® introduces PowerView™ Motorisation

Welcome to the future! You can sit back and relax and let PowerView™ do the work for you while being in full control. This all-new wireless technology fits perfectly with today’s connected modern lifestyle.  It lets you control all of your window blinds from your smartphone, tablet or beautifully designed PowerView™  Pebble™ Remote.

Program your perfect settings and let PowerView™ do the rest.  You can customise your ideal combination of light, privacy and warmth, keeping your home perfectly in sync with the time of day and your schedule, while optimizing energy efficiency and keep burglars away when you are not at home, by controlling them from afar using the RemoteConnect feature.

Convenience and Control

The PowerView™ system can be operated via the free PowerView™ App or via two types of controllers:

With the Pebble™ Remote Control you can easily operate up to six different groups of blinds– either individually or together – with just a press of a button.  They can also be programmed to a “favourite” position. When activated with a single press, the blinds will go directly to that position.

The Pebble™ Scene Controller features an Advanced display screen that lets you scroll and conveniently  preview and select ‘Scenes’ – different combinations of blinds and  positions – that have been programmed using the PowerView™ App.  Two “Favourite” buttons allow you to select your optimum way of having your blinds.

The PowerView™ Pebble™ is available in seven stylish colours to fit in with any style of décor and  it is ergonomically designed and actually looks really good on the table. It is also possible to wall mount a PowerView™ Remote or Scene Controller using the PowerView™ Surface, available in three on-trend colours.



styling Bregje Nix


Have fun choosing from a variety of App colour schemes and more than 100 activity icons to personalize each Scene and Room to create your personalized names like “Wake Up”, “Good Morning,” “Lazy Day,”  “Lights Out”, or “Gone Fishing” for example.  In addition, Power View’s two-way communication system lets you see the current position of each blind and its battery life on the App.

You can use the PowerView™ scheduling feature to set up your Scenes so they operate automatically. Programme any Scene to activate on specific days and times.  You can even schedule multiple-room Scenes to activate simultaneously.

No Need for Hard Wiring

Ideal for both newly constructed and existing homes, PowerView™ systems can be powered by batteries or a DC power supply plugged into a nearby outlet, so no hard wiring through walls or ceilings is required.  The PowerView Hub allows easy integration with virtually any home automation system via an RS-232 serial connection or IP

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