A rug has the power to add colour to your home and tie everything together. Rugs can serve a variety of purposes; delineating a space, manipulating the size of the room, accent the room’s existing colour scheme and add warmth.


From utilising their primary attribute to adding warmth to the more creative usage when highlighting features or manipulating the size of a room, rugs from Broste Copenhagen are eye-catching and inviting. Whether you are after a minimalistic addition, an unusual shape or a rustic piece with a knotted fringe, you will find a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures.

Their rugs also come in a variety of fabrics from 100% wool, cotton, viscose/cotton, leather/cotton and other mixtures.

Their MIRA rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, involving an innovative process that breaks down the bottles into fine fibres spun into yarn. These can be used outside.

Prices depend on size and material.


Oblivian £416                                    Mira £317                        Spectra £455.50


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