Going for Gold

Sometimes only the best is good enough. This wine merchant has gone for gold using Meissen architectural tiles from the Royally Opulent range.

These tiles are covered in 24 carat gold.  No doubt the wine in the barrels reflecting in the shining gold will be much the tastier for it.

The Meissen range of architectural tiles comes in five categories:

Minimalism, Royally Opulent, Trends, Ornaments and Refinement, Textures and Romanticism all are 100% waterproof.

At present there are 40 different colours to choose from, more will be added later.  Meissen has the largest colour laboratory of any porcelain manufacturer in the world. On the back of the tiles is their famous logo, the crossed swords, scratched into the tiles so that they adhere to the walls easily.


Note to Editors:

MEISSEN®, one of the internationally leading German luxury brands, reflects the art of luxury – ever since the establishment of the MEISSEN Manufactory in 1710.

MEISSEN’s luxury products are defined by their special material, their traditional craftsmanship, and an unusual aesthetics characterized by individuality, sensuality, and high value. MEISSEN today has over 800 employees and is represented in 30 countries around the globe with 300 specialised retail outlets as well as its own shops.

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