Elegant Chair for Inside and Out



The Spider Woman Chair, designed by Louis Campbell a visually delight and it look good in the dining room, the conservatory  or the garden, says Christian Skovhus of Icons of Denmark.

The asymmetrical laser cut web on the shell of Spider Woman repeats the construction of the frame beneath it. The asymmetrical pattern gives Spider Woman spatial freedom and hence the chair is less in need of neat positioning than symmetrical chairs. The pattern points towards an infinite vanishing point and the transparency adds lightness to a material normally perceived as heavy and impenetrable. The “eyes” and “legs” as well as the grid on the shell bear the reference to a spider woman and her web.

Spider Woman is a stackable chair for outdoor and indoor use.

It retails at £214.00 and comes in white, black, cement grey, pebble grey or traffic red.

Rubber cushions for seat and back are available in white or black and cost £20.00 for the kit.


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