Easter at Rococo Chocolates




   Adorable, beautiful, cute, eggciting and fun are just some of the words to describe the 2012 range of hand-painted eggs from Rococo Chocolates based on designs by Donna Wilson. They are all hand-painted on white chocolate backed with a thick dark chocolate layer.
The range includes:
1 hand-painted egg in Rococo Bona China Egg cup. Owl, pussycat and rabbit designs. Retails at £9.95
2 hand-painted eggs in Rococo box.  The Owl and the Pussycat retails at £13.95


 Size 2 (70g) hand-painted egg in Rococo Box. Rabbit design with 3 ganaches.Retails at £17.50
 Size 3 (160g) hand-painted egg in rococo box. Chick design filled with Rococo chocolates (6 ganaches and 2 chocolate squares) retails at £25.00
 Size 4 (220g) hand-painted egg in Rococo box. Lamb design filled with 10 mixed chocolates and 3 chocolate squares. Retails at £35.00


‘Food Chain’  Russian doll style Egg in Rococo box: size 2 Carrot egg, swallowed up by size 3 Rabbit, inside size 4 fox design egg with 3 ganaches.Retails at £55.00

Traditional Russian Doll Egg in Rococo Box. Retails at £55.00
Also new this year is a 220g Golden Egg (laid by our very own goose!) filled with Popping   Marc de Champagne ganaches. This retails at £35.00




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