Design alliance sheds light on Wegner’s Treasure Chest

–   Carl Hansen & Son teams up with the lamp company Pandul


In keeping with Wegner’s design principles, Carl Hansen & Son has joined forces with Pandul in marketing the designer’s lamps. The aim of the collaboration is to place the best in modern and classic lighting in the international spotlight. Wegner’s famous ceiling lamp – ‘The Pendant’ – demonstrates that he was more than a furniture designer; he also mastered the art of lighting design.

 Hans J. Wegner is not only the master of the chair, but of the lamp as well. This is clearly demonstrated by his design of ‘The Pendant’.

Furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Son and lighting manufacturer Pandul have agreed to collaborate internationally on sales and distribution of Hans J. Wegner’s lamp designs. The partnership allows both companies to exhibit Wegner’s designs from floor to ceiling – an alliance that is entirely in keeping with Wegner’s philosophy of designing complete solutions.

Wegner was primarily known as a furniture designer, but he also designed several lamps. His lighting designs are characterised by the same values as his more than 400 chair designs, with distinctive design aspects, high utility value and excellent craftsmanship. The similarities in his designs make it natural to market the two product ranges together.

“We share a number of common interests with Pandul. We both safeguard the Danish design heritage, have roots in proud traditions of craftsmanship and feel passionate about quality,” says Knud Erik Hansen, owner and 3rd generation at Carl Hansen & Son. He continues: “Our collaboration will shed light on new aspects of Wegner’s talent as a designer demonstrate s that he, not only mastered the chair, but the lamp as well. A perfect example of Wegner’s sense for lighting design is the height-adjustable lamp ‘The Pendant’ – a true classic.”

Wegner’s ceiling lamp ‘The Pendant’ – with the classification L037 – is probably the most famous of Wegner’s lamp designs. It was created in 1962 and has been in production ever since. After nearly 50 years, the lamp’s integrated, handmade metal handle and height adjustment system have been imitated countlessly, but never surpassed. The basic premise is a height-adjustable lamp with an integrated handle, which makes it possible to move the lamp up and down without touching the handmade aluminium lampshade, which  forms the main element of the design.

‘The Pendant’ is available in three colour combinations: white shade with metal handle, black shade with metal handle and brushed aluminium with black handle. Recommended retail prices start at £623, excl. VAT 

Hans J. Wegner is the basis for the partnership, which has proven so successful that the through two manufacturers of Wegner’s designs have now joined forces to increase awareness of all of Pandul’s designers, including Henning Koppel, Jørgen Gammelgaard and Erik Magnussen. Pandul’s product range is marketed Carl Hansen & Son under the brand ‘Pandul by Carl Hansen & Søn’.

In addition to collaborating with Pandul and manufacturing Hans J. Wegner furniture classics, Carl Hansen & Son also owns the renowned furniture manufacturer Rud. Rasmussens Møbelsnedkerier in Copenhagen, which produces furniture designed by, among others, Kaare Klint and Mogens Koch. The furniture is marketed under the brand ‘Rud. Rasmussen by Carl Hansen & Søn’. Carl Hansen & Son’s entire portfolio is solidly anchored in the Danish design tradition.

 Technical specifications for ‘The Pendant’:

Width: 51 cm, Height: 37 cm

Max. 100w standard incandescent bulb or equivalent energy-efficient bulb

Weight: 1.8 kg

Cord and lamp = maximum 2 metres when fully extended

When using over a dining table, the height adjustment system is suitable for ceiling heights of up to just over 3 metres.

Carl Hansen & Son is a Danish-owned furniture manufacturer established in 1908. The company is headquartered in Aarup, Denmark and currently has a staff of around 120. Carl Hansen & Son is one of Denmark’s oldest manufacturers of high-end furniture and the world’s largest producer of furniture designed by Hans J. Wegner.  With solid roots in Danish cabinetmaking traditions and an understanding of the latest in production technology, Carl Hansen & Son creates furniture that lasts for generations.  
Designer furniture from Carl Hansen & Son is sold all over the world.

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