Create a Personal Wardrobe

Montana Wardrobe
Montana Wardrobe

With its unique solutions, Montana Wardrobe provides you with storage for your shoes, trousers, sportswear, and dresses, all adjusted to your individual needs.

You can combine Montana Wardrobe units in all sorts of ways, as floating furniture hung on the walls or as flexible space dividers on wheels. And you can use the wardrobe concept anywhere, not just in the bedroom.

Montana Wardrobe
Montana Wardrobe


With 42 colours to choose from, Montana allows you to find exactly what you want from your wardrobe. You can experiment with colours as contrasts, or follow the current trend of ‘colour blocking’ and build blocks of colour statements.


See Montana Wardrobe live:

Montana Wardrobe is a modular concept consisting of five units that can be combined according to needs and wishes. A Montana Wardrobe unit with door (H: 186.4 cm, B: 47.6 cm, D: 60 cm) costs recommended retail price from £ 786 incl. vat.

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