Child Safety Week 20th – 26th June


As children grow, so does their curiosity and basic household products can become a potential dangerto infants. Silent Gliss puts safety first and has developed innovative products that can reduce the risk of accidents which at the same time enhance the look of the interior. They have also produced a leaflet which guides you through the ‚could be‘ hazards and features a number of child-safe window treatment options.

Here are a few tips from the leaflet.

(To download the leaflet go to

Here are a few tip from the leaflet:

Spring Operated Roller blinds with a decorative pull instead of the traditional chain for enhanced safety.

Combination draw rod / cord Venetian blind system, which integrates both tilting and lifting / lowering of the blind by keeping the cord taught for extra safety.

The Silent Gliss cord retainer is available for all chain / cord looped blinds and tracks, it keeps them taut to reduce risk of an inquisitive child becoming entangled.

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