Dreaming of a White Christmas?

Then these new snowflake tablemats and coasters from Lind Dna are for you. A simple way to create a stunning Christmas table.

Like all their popular table mats they are made from recycled leather. The leather is from remnants of furniture, bag or shoe productions which are mixed with natural rubber from trees. The result is a durable quality of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber, which is dyed and embossed in decorative patterns.

All placemats from LIND DNA are available in size small (S) and large (L). Small is suitable for small dishes and is referred to as ”coffee size” and is also decorative to use as table mats under your candlesticks or flower decorations, to protect your table.

The large table mat retails at around £20. Small £12 and the coaster is £4.00


Inspired Vases

Inspire yourself to add some floral lavishness while vitalising your flowers with flair and elegance.

The LIND DNA range of vases is unique and different. Decorative as accessories for your table setting or simply for flower bouquets and you can even use it for candles to bring that special hue into your home and table.

The new Fold Vase is made from glass and wrapped in recycled leather. Leather sourced from the surplus production of furniture, bags and shoes mixed with 20% natural rubber from trees.


















They come in 3 different sizes in various leather colours and surface structures, and will fit in to any décor be it traditional or modern and with the wide variety of colours to choose from there is bound to be one (or two or three) that matches your décor.


Small dia. 7,5 x h 15 cm £35                             Medium dia. 11 x H 20 cm £55                      Large dia. 15 x H 25 cm £70



Basket Case




Baskets are an easy way of bringing a natural and charming look to your home. Broste Copenhagen’s baskets are ideal as storage boxes that ensure your home remains tidy and organised. The neutral shades of the natural materials and the look of their rough, hand-woven frames crease a raw essence that can easily be styled in various ways.

Broste Copenhagen has different sized baskets made from iron, bamboo and sea grass that provide a decorative rustic storage space, ideal for accommodating cushions, throws and towels.

And for the kitchen the rough hand-woven frames keep tidying and organising stylish and simple, while conveying a raw and modern aesthetic.

Here are some examples:


Emmely £118.90 for 3                                    Chris £99 for 2                                     Kamilla £217.80 for 2




Working from Home

A lot of us now work from home, even if it is only a few days a week, and it is not always possible to have a designated room for working so it is important that our work stations fit in with the rest of the décor. Broste Copenhagen have launched a couple of desk/tables, which look stylish anywhere and do not take up a lot of room.



The Fredo table in Simply Black steel has a clever dropped shelf the whole length of the back, perfect for storing books, or concealing unwanted and unsightly wires. It is compact only 38 cm wide so easy to fit into a small space, and it looks stylish anywhere. Retails at £791.70



The Kamille table has a black glass top and a steel shelf below handy for papers and books. Again, it is compact, only 40 cm wide and will look smart in any room.

When you no longer want to use the tables as desks, they become decorative tables for your favourite vases and accessories. Retails at £791.70




Furniture Designed with the Environment in Mind


The Small Furniture range from LIND DNA is designed with minimalism, functionality and durable materials in mind. “When design our furniture, we cut out the “fuss” and keep it simple – because we wholeheartedly believe that simplicity is more,” says Preben Lind owner and designer. The LIND DNA furniture range is inspired by Nordic trends but is yet multicultural. The furniture is creative, yet classic, and fits into any setting in their own stylish way.

The BENCH from LIND DNA is inspired by minimalistic, Scandinavian interior design. Simple, intuitive and beautiful. The bench comes in two sizes, small enough to be placed anywhere in your home. In the entrance, at the end of your bed or simply as a statement piece to stand alone.

The reversible, hand-stitched cushion is made of recycled leather on one side, and European wool on the other side. So, you can easily change the expression of your bench to fit your mood and décor. The cushion is attached to the steel frame by two jewels made of aluminium or brass.

BENCH is available in two lengths, with cushions in two different colours and with jewels in either aluminium or brass. Small bench L 72cm Retails at £499. Large bench L112 cm retails at £649.00




This new coffee table comes in two sizes that can either be used separately or positioned in beautiful pairs or groups throughout your home.

TURNTABLE has a reversible mat in our recycled leather on its top plate, making it easy to change the look of your table as the leather mat has different colours on each side. Choose among a variety of different colour combinations and personalize the expression of your table as you wish. Even the aluminium jewel in the middle can be changed to brass, and the table changes its overall expression again.

TURNTABLE is available in two sizes, with two different heights. The diameter of the top plate is available in size M or L. The steel legs are made of black powder-coated steel and the Table Top is made of aluminium. Retail price is £199.00 for the small table and £269.00 for the large.






Note to editors

Lind DNA is all about craftsmanship and the art of creation. Whenever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark. First of all, local production gives us the opportunity to be hands-on throughout the entire process and to secure continuously high manufacturing standards. Secondly, we care deeply about sustainability and our own production enables us to limit our footprint on the environment. Our designs are developed in-house and all steps of the process are being followed very closely – from initial idea, to production and final shipment to our customers. We’re aiming to create subtle designs with zero waste, in a form that involves reusing resources to decrease the total environmental impact

From the very beginning in 2013, we have been environmentally responsible. Our materials are responsibly sourced, and we continuously refine our waste management at our production facilities in Aarhus, Denmark. Our zero-waste strategy is based on a waste prevention policy, proactive reuse and optimization of separate collection of waste to guarantee quality recycling. Our main production goal is to eliminate toxic waste that poses a threat to the environment.



A rug has the power to add colour to your home and tie everything together. Rugs can serve a variety of purposes; delineating a space, manipulating the size of the room, accent the room’s existing colour scheme and add warmth.


From utilising their primary attribute to adding warmth to the more creative usage when highlighting features or manipulating the size of a room, rugs from Broste Copenhagen are eye-catching and inviting. Whether you are after a minimalistic addition, an unusual shape or a rustic piece with a knotted fringe, you will find a wide variety of patterns, colours and textures.

Their rugs also come in a variety of fabrics from 100% wool, cotton, viscose/cotton, leather/cotton and other mixtures.

Their MIRA rugs are made from recycled plastic bottles, involving an innovative process that breaks down the bottles into fine fibres spun into yarn. These can be used outside.

Prices depend on size and material.



Oblivian £416                                    Mira £317                        Spectra £455.50



The console table is one of those useful pieces of furniture that will fit almost anywhere in the house, add storage space and it is becomes a perfect addition for the kitchen.

The LIND DNA CONSOLE TABLE is a multifunctional design, perfect for the hallway with a mirror above it or the living room displaying your favourite objects, green plants, and magazines on the bottom shelf. This table is inspired by timeless and minimalistic design. Made from black powder-coated steel. The shelves and the table top are covered with recycled leather.



The LIND DNA CONSOLE TABLE STORAGE is a multifunctional piece of furniture where it is easy to keep bottles, cooking ingredients and other stuff right where you need them. The minimalistic and stylish design makes it fit nicely into the Nordic decor. The frame and shelves are made from black powder-coated steel. The shelves and the table top are covered with recycled leather.



THE CONSOLE TABLE retails at £399.00


The CONSOLE TABLES are available in All Black or Nature and Black.



Note to editors

Craftmanship and the art of creation is the focal point of LIND DNA. Whenever possible, we insist on our own, local production in Denmark. First of all, local production gives us the opportunity to be hands-on throughout the entire process and to secure continuously high manufacturing standards. Secondly, we care deeply about sustainability and our own production enables us to limit our footprint on the environment.

We design with respect for the materials we handpick. The bedrock of most of our designs is recycled leather, certified by OEKO-TEX®. Our leather is sourced from the surplus production of furniture, bags and shoes. It is core leather that is granulated and mixed with natural rubber from trees. The resulting quality consists of 80% real leather and 20% natural rubber from trees and is therefore durable and dirt resistant.


Rosamund Coady

Rosamund Coady
is showing at MADE LONDON – Marylebone The Design and Craft Fair
Stand 86 in the Soane Hall


At this year’s craft event, Made Marylebone, potter Rosamund Coady is exhibiting an installation of tea-cups inspired by Japanese craft, design and visual sensibilities. Rosamund says: “I create my work round a theme, researching a topic in depth, then using my sense of curiosity, I work with the clay to lead me towards a new story”.

Rosamund studied at Camberwell Art School. Whilst her kids were growing up she did not work professionally, although she would show among friends After a gap of 35 years, she attended a class organised by potter Daphne Carnegie. “It felt so natural to be making pieces from clay again, and I overcame technical difficulties and learnt to mix up my own glazes. I was finally making pieces I was happy with. When I made the decision to set up my own studio, my confidence began to build, and I started showing and selling my work, developing a small and loyal clientele” Rosamund explains.

Rosamund now participates in local craft fairs and more recently set up her own solo shows in venues in London.

You can buy her lovely pottery from  www.giftedlocal.com  and, of course, at Made London.

MADE LONDON – Marylebone the Design and Craft Fair

is open 24 -27 October, 10.30 – 5 PM



Further information from: [email protected]





The new Monstera leaf collection from LIND DNA comes in a variety of gorgeous autumn colours as well as green nuances. Their look and feel varies with the different leather surfaces so you can have a myriad of options to mix and match colours and surface structures. Choose you favourite combination and decorate your table to suit the season, your mood and the décor in your dining area.



The leather is from remnants of furniture, bag or shoe productions which are mixed with natural rubber from trees. The result is a durable quality of 80% core leather and 20% natural rubber, which is dyed and embossed in decorative patterns.





The table mats come in two sizes:

Large w 35 x l 42 retails at £20

Small w 22 x l 26 retails at £12

The coasters at w12 x l 14 and retail at £4.00

And the new colours are gold, sienna, nature, black and burned curry.




Let there be light



Sadly, the days are getting shorter and we will soon have to put on the lights earlier. Now is a good time to think about the lighting in your home. Lighting is so important for creating just the right atmosphere and there is so much to choose from. Pendants, floor lamps, table lamps, wall lamps and of course lights to work from.

Broste Copenhagen has a great rang of lamps and some stunning ones in their new collection. The lamps are designed to fit in with any décor be it classic, traditional or modern.


So, do yourself a favour and get the lights shining in your home.

Prices from left to right:

Lavas floor lamp £396.00

Bell table lamp £158.40

Mynte Table lamp £209.90

Oscar table lamp £237.50

Oscar Floor lamp £396.00




You can’t go wrong with Stripes

It might be hard to decide kind of window dressing you want. There are various values of plains and patterns, but we can perhaps all agree on one thing; the power of stripes. They work across all periods and properties, and add instant depth and excitement to a scheme. The optical effects they bring can magically transform a room’s sense of proportion.

Luxaflex® has a superb range of blinds that will help you decide what is just right for your home.

These Luxaflex® Pirouette® Shades provides beautiful blinds for your windows, the construction with a single sheer and soft fabric vanes provides a clear view to the outside and the product design allows for unobstructed view- through, while maintaining a discreet level of privacy inside. Distinctive ambience and privacy control in one

Vertical stripes on blinds can enhance the height of your windows making the most of a design feature such as floor-to-ceiling windows and doors.  Mixing striped roller blinds with solid coloured blinds is a great way to break up very long expanses; three solid blinds here could feel too blocky, three striped blinds too busy. This combination is unexpected and confident whilst also solving a design conundrum.

These Luxaflex® Twist® blinds makes this bedroom a tranquil and peaceful place to retire to after a hectic day. Luxaflex® Twist® Shades are available in different vane widths and  in a wide range of colours and fabrics, from bold black to subtle neutrals and metallic; from sheer to opaque – a look for every décor. Twist® Shades also look stunning in rooms with extra-large windows creating a real style statement with stunning light control. Fully adjustable: the front and reverse sides of the fabric vanes can be moved into any position for perfect light control.