The Perfect Gift…


The perfect presents have been found by The Travelling Souk, with one for every occasion and for every person – a unique selection of tabletop accessories that have an instant impact. All handmade and silver plated finished with colourful glass beads.  

 Not only are they tastefully ornamental and functional, they are attractive and fun too! Quirky butter knives and cake forks are like little jewels on your tea tray, they will also make perfect housewarming present. And a ‘must have’ for every bar – a glamorous bar set consists of a drinks measure, small plate, drinks stirrer and lemon fork. It makes an ideal present for Dads all year round or graduation present. Also available are wonderful cheese knives, which make the perfect accompaniment to every cheese board or platter and would be ideal for cheese lovers worldwide.


Cheese Knife – £21.75

Bar set with drinks measure – £46.25

Cake Fork – £9.75

Butter Knife – £14.75

Note to Editors:

Since Georgiana Pike set up The Travelling Souk in 2003, she has raised more than £300,000 for charities. At the events ,10% goes to the hostess assigned charity and from the website set up in 2008, 2.6% of each purchase goes to charity.

Full Steam Ahead

MENU’ new Steam Tower makes healthy cooking a doddle.  The tower consists of 5 oven-proof pieces of porcelain that stack neatly in the oven allowing steam to circulate between the dishes, As steam transfers no taste – it is the ideal way to cook fish, meat, vegetables and dessert together.

The Steam Tower works by placing it in the oven over water. When the water turns into steam, the steam circulates around and through the layers cooking the food  in the healthiest way leaving the  finished dishes succulent and tasty.

Designer Christian Bjørn has been inspired by the Asian kitchen and created what is already on its way to become a Scandinavian classic. “I have focused on a design that must function on even a professional level – but improved many details to work even better for a modern busy family ” says designer and architect Christian Bjørn. He has worked closely with Michelin-awarded cook Morten Køster, who has been part of developing the Steam Tower concept.

“Steaming is the natural and most healthy way to cook your food in a way that preserve the vitamins and minerals  ” explains Morten Køster, who has tested the Steam Tower and put together the recipe book that comes with the Steam Tower.

Name: Steam Tower

Materials: Porcelain

Design by: Christian Bjørn for MENU

Price: £59.00

A Little Bit of Christmas Sparkle

Last in Holly&Lil’s the Wizard of Oz theme this year, these two Christmas Collars add a touch of Christmas glamour to your pets.

Named Ruby Slippers and Emerald City, the two collars are sewn with sequins, crystals, Swarovski Crystals and glass beads. 

They also show H&L’s fabulous new design – charm collars with a D-ring at the centre back of the collar as well as next to buckle – so you can attach your lead at the back and enjoy the full beauty of the collar.  Ingenious!

Handmade in England, they retail from £69.00.

Lloyd Loom of Spalding has great success with Natural Weave

Working with interior designers, SoHo Projects, Lloyd Loom of Spalding’s latest naturals weave has shown to be a huge success in the contract market as they furnish the breakout area at the new Luton home of TUK and Ireland.

The 16 custom-made 2 seater Madrid sofas along with 18 chairs, cube coffee tables and cube stools, all upholstered in burnt oak weave caused quite a stir when they were installed. The fabric, from Sekers, in bright colours, compliments the furniture perfectly and helps to create a vibrant, lively atmosphere.

The unique pre dyed weave, that was only introduced in January this year, has proved to be ideal for contract situations due to its hard wearing properties and we are all excited about its potential.

01775 724 358

Dress as Smartly as your Dog

For many years people have admired the craftsmanship and design of Holly&Lil’s gorgeous collars and leads, even wished they could wear them!   Now you can – almost! For Christmas 2010 H&L have the perfect accessories. Your dog’s favourite H&L collars now have matching walking bags and belts – the ideal coordinating accessories! They are even as hardy as the collars themselves.

The design will appeal both to fashionistas and to more practical everyday dog walkers as well.  The bag comes with 2 compartments – both lined with black patent calf (so it’s easily wipeable) and trimmed with Orange calf. One side is for phones, purses and has an orange calf key lead. The other side has pockets for 2 dirty balls, pooh bags, wet wipes and a small bottle of water. What makes this bag even more unique is the fact that the fabulous shoulder strap can double as a spare lead!  So now you have a glamorous spare always with you. The bottom of the bag has silver studs so it will not get dirty when you put it down.  And as with our collars it is an all weather item.

The belts can be either 1″ or 1.5″ wide and are available for men or women in small, medium, large & extra large.

Both the belts and bags are handmade to order and will take 8-10 weeks to create and deliver. Prices for the bags start at £500, and the belts from £130. All are handmade in England.

Elegant Water Carafe

If you like your water cold and fresh, this carafe from Menu is for you. It fits perfectly on the shelf of the refrigerator door to give you Ice cold water directly from the fridge to your dining table!

Menu’s tall, slender glass carafe is so simple and elegant that you’ll take pleasure in placing it on the table when you have guests.  Designed by Pil Bredahl, the carafe holds 0.8 litres and fits on the shelf of your fridge door, providing you with fresh cold water any time you wish during the day. Fill the carafe and chill in advance before guests arrive, so you can fully enjoy their company while the party is underway.

The carafe’s contoured form ensures a good grip and the lid features a clever mechanism that automatically opens when pouring. It’s unique pouring function helps keeps ice cubes, lime wedges, mint leaves and other tasteful garnishing inside when pouring, while ensuring that dirt and particles do not fall into the carafe when used outdoors.

In addition to this new, 0.8 litre edition, which retails at £34.95,  the carafe is also available in a 1.3 litre edition which retails at £44.95

A Helping Hand from Icons of Denmark: Free Design Consultancy

Icons of Denmark’s design team offer you a free design consultancy, to help create your dream interior within the 5 million options Montana offers.

There are two ways you can go about this:

Option 1 – A design service in the comfort of your own home: a member of Icon’s of Denmark’s design team will visit you at home to help you get most out of Montana’s many options. We will, together with you, create the solution best suited to your needs, and tailored to your existing interiors. This will be presented in 3D Computer Graphics with no pressure to purchase.

Option 2 – Alternatively you can send us the dimensions of the living area where you want the units, with a description of requirements and colours. Our Interior design team will then return with a 3D drawing of how it would look. (Pictures of your existing interiors are always a great help)

Please book your professional interior designer for free now: [email protected]

Small is Beautiful


Louise Campbell’s pendant Collage now has a little sister – Collage 450.  The large version changes its name to Collage 600.

The size is fine-tuned to maintain balance and harmony, and Collage 450 is perfect on its own or suspended in repetition in indoor environments. Collage 450 is not merely a smaller version of Collage 600. It is a newly designed version, having in many ways been optimised, so that, for instance, mounting is easier and simpler.

Collage 450 is suitable for energy-saving lamps and also available in a professional version with a HIT light source. It is available in the same colours as Collage 600: Snow White (white), Hot Lips (pink), Juicy Orange (orange), Lemon Yellow (yellow) and finally Smoke Screen (smoke-coloured).

Collage 450 pendant retails at £575.00 in white and £625.00 in colours 

Collage 600 pendant retails at £745.00 in white and £845.00 in colours

Note to Editors

Louise Campbell is probably the Danish designer with the greatest range. Her long cooperation with Louis Poulsen has earned her international recognition as a lighting designer. Louise Campbell graduated as an industrial designer from the Danish Design School. She is known for her furniture, lighting fixtures, porcelain designs and interior design. Graduated from the Danish Design School, Industrial Design Programme in 1995. Bsc (Hons) of Furniture Manufacture & Innovation from the London College of Furniture in 1992.

Louise Campbell was chosen designer of the year in 2005 by the magazine Bo Bedre. She has also won the three-year scholarship of the Danish State Art Foundation and Finn Juhl’s Architectural Award.

Are You Sitting Comfortably?

More and more of us are now sitting at breakfast bars in the kitchen, as well as in bars,  to  enjoy not only breakfast but also lunch and it is a good place to sit when you want to keep the cook company.

It is important that the chairs we sit in are not just good-looking but also comfortable.  This is where Lloyd Loom of Spalding comes in. They have a number of handsome barstools which will fit into any interior be it super modern, or more traditional.

01775 724 358

Lloyd Loom of Spalding is an innovative British manufacturer making the genuine Lloyd Loom weave and furniture using traditional techniques and materials.   Every piece is individually handmade using steam-bent beech wood and the unique twisted paper and wire Lloyd Loom weave and is coloured to the client’s specification.  The factory and showroom has been in the market town of Spalding since 1985 and is the only company in the UK making Lloyd Loom furniture.   The range contains more than 150 different products.

Sweet Sounds of Music – the Rothschild’s Songbirds

Herend’s exclusive hand-painted Rothschild Oiseaux motif with the songbirds is now 150 years old and is currently celebrating its birthday. Characteristically elegant and romantic, the gilt-edged Rothschild porcelain depicts twelve different kinds of vibrant birds or bird couples sitting on tree branches surrounded by delicate pastel-coloured butterflies, bugs and flowers.  The patterns are named after the influential Rothschild family whose history has been intertwined with much of Europe’s since the 19th Century.

The first creator of this masterpiece dreamt up the birds surrounded by a fine, glittering golden chain winding around the tree branches… Legend has it that one day Baroness Rothschild lost her valuable necklace and charged her maid with the theft. As she was walking in the garden one day she saw songbirds on a tree and near them the lost necklace. Mór Fischer, owner of the Herend Manufactory, also heard this story and, as rumour has it, designed this celebrated pattern in its memory.

Each pattern has its own unique songbirds perching in their dream gardens surrounded by fluttering butterflies and bugs, and while some patterns have been around for 150 years, others have been reinterpreted throughout the years. The new version of the pattern combines a traditional, refined style and modern expressionism. 

Stylish Drip Free Water Carafe with Lid

It  good idea always to drink water when drinking wine – preferably served in a carafe that does not drip, is easy to pour and looks good on the dining table. The designer duo Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen – has designed a simple, practical water carafe for Menu with the same stylish look as their New Norm Wine Breather.

 The clear, bottle-shaped New Norm Glass Carafe fits perfectly in the refrigerator door, providing chilled water at all times, and it comes with a lid to prevent the water from absorbing odours from the refrigerator.

The carafe has a completely drip-free silicone neck that prevents spots on your table. The removable silicone neck should be hand washed. The carafe itself is dishwasher safe.

The water carafe come with a white or black lid and retails at £19.95