A Day of Jane Austen and Flowers



Want to know how to make floral arrangements that would look at home in Mansfield Park and Chawton, and listen   to the story of Jane Austen’s life? Then join in the 200th anniversary celebration of the publication of Pride and Prejudice at Judith Blacklock’s Flower School on 25 May.

During the day, you will create two designs, which you will, of course, get to take home.

Over tea and cakes Louise West, Curator of Jane Austen’s House Museum will tell you about Jane’s life and her writing, and the cottage from which she wrote, at Chawton, which is now the Museum.

You will learn about the meaning of the flowers used by Jane Austen – which was tremendously important in the Regency era – and the flowers that would have grown in the Austen’s’ garden, which is now planted with cottage garden flowers of the period.

The Jane Austen Flower day is 25 May; the course runs from 10.30 am till 4pm and costs £240 at The Judith Blacklock Flower School, 4/5 Kinnerton Place South, London SW1X 8EH

Note to Editors

Louise West, curator of Jane Austen’s House Museum

Currently Curator of Jane Austen’s House Museum in Hampshire  where she has been working for 11 years. Her job involves looking after the museum’s collection, forward planning and a lot of networking. It was the job she had wanted since she was 21 and she finally arrived there when she was 47 after working in various museums, getting married and bringing up four children. One of the really lovely benefits of working in the museum has been enjoying the smallish but stunning garden whose colours and structure change every day.

Judith Blacklock

Judith is the author of 11 best selling books and editor of The Flower Arranger magazine. She has taught worldwide and arranged the flowers at Kensington Palace on a regular basis. In 2011, she co-organised [email protected], the largest cut-flower event that has ever been staged in the UK. She is now planning another – [email protected] – in 2014. Judith makes regular television appearances, recently with Gordon Ramsay and will be appearing on Made in Chelsea in April. She has acted as a consultant to companies including Topshop, Channel 4 and BT.


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